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How to identify the quality of silicone bottle for silicone baby products
2018-12-17 15:16:13

How to identify the quality of silicone bottle for silicone baby products? The quality of silica gel bottles for silicone baby products can be identified in several ways:

1, feel

Silicone is a material that feels like a human skin. A good silicone bottle is better to feel first. When feeding your baby, the baby often holds the bottle and milk with a small hand; the good touch is beneficial to the baby's emotional stability and helps the development of the baby's emotional intelligence, which is also impossible to compare with other material bottles. A good silicone bottle should have good elasticity. The elasticity of silica gel is different from rubber: it is not the kind of hardness of the hard state. The elasticity of silica gel is soft and delicate. At the same time, you can try the hot water in the bottle, and the feeling after loading the water will be more like the skin of the human body.

silicone baby product

2, convenience

Silicone bottles, like other bottles, have better performance than others; they are also convenient and practical to use. That is: disassembly and assembly should be convenient, have versatility, and can be used interchangeably with other pacifiers and bottles (because most mothers now use glass or plastic bottles). Nowadays, some silicone bottles are disassembled and disassembled, which is not very practical: install a card slot between the silicone and the middle plastic cover, set the card pattern and so on. The bottle is a daily product, so the important point is practical and convenient.

3, details

Silicone is more likely to get dust due to its own material. Therefore, in design, in addition to aesthetics, but also consider his dust. Some silicone bottles have been dust-proof on the bottle, and a part of the bottle has been made into a matte, which not only ensures the beauty of the product, but also takes care of the dust of the product.

Silicone is also a material that can breathe. Even at room temperature, breast milk is not easily deteriorated. It can better maintain the freshness of breast milk when it is refrigerated or frozen. It is convenient to wash and disinfect. It can thoroughly clean all parts of the bottle. It can be cleaned without bottle brush. Also, it does not cause deformation in boiling water or in a microwave oven. Silicone bottles are more resistant than normal plastic bottles, and there is no problem with long-term disinfection. After removing the plastic part, only the silicone bottle and nipple are disinfected in water (disinfection: once or twice a week).

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