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In life, there is nowhere to see the silicone tube seal of the silicone products manufacturer.
2018-12-17 15:02:25

Silicone waterproof sealing ring is also known as the silicone O-ring. It belongs to a product category in silicone products. It is a ring-shaped product made of silica gel. The silicone waterproof sealing ring is mainly used for waterproof and sealed occasions. Silicone waterproof sealing ring models have national standard, American standard, European standard, Japanese standard.

Silicone rubber O-rings have good temperature, sealing, insulation, dielectric properties, environmental protection and other good characteristics, while resisting high and low temperatures, and less interference from the external environment, so it is an ideal waterproof, sealing material, waterproof ring The silicone waterproof ring has a Shore hardness of 20 to 90 degrees.

silicone products manufacturer

A silicone tube seal is an annular cover consisting of one or several parts that is attached to a ferrule or washer of the bearing and then contacts another ferrule or gasket or forms a narrow labyrinth gap, which also prevents lubrication. Oil leakage and invasion of foreign objects. If we just look at this definition, it will feel a bit strange, and in fact, the silicone tube seal is ubiquitous and ubiquitous in our daily life. If you still want to know the performance of some silicone seals, you can click on the silicone tube seal to learn more.

Because the silicone tube seal is in the working pressure and a certain temperature range, it has good sealing performance, and it can automatically improve the sealing performance with the increase of pressure; and between its device and the moving part The friction must be small, and the coefficient of friction must be stable. Also, it has strong corrosion resistance and is not easy to age. Moreover, it has a long working life and excellent wear resistance, so it will be after wear. Automatic compensation to a certain extent;

Silicone tube seals of silicone products manufacturers are also widely used in metal plastics, HVAC, fire protection, water supply and drainage, ship, pharmaceutical, and other pipeline systems, automobiles, toys, motorcycles, household appliances, electronics, various machinery, Life, sports equipment, pneumatic components and sanitary ware can be said to be everywhere.

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